• Introduction to Game Physics with Box2D

    Ian Parberry, "Introduction to Game Physics with Box2D"
    English | ISBN: 1466565764 | 2013 | PDF | 275 pages | 4,3 MB
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  • Box2D for Flash Games
    Publisher: PP | 2012 | EPUB + PDF | ISBN: 1849519625 | 166 pages | 2.5 Mb

    Physics games are getting more and more popular, and Box2D is the best choice if you are looking for a free, stable and robust library to handle physics. With Box2D you can create every kind of 2D physics game, only coding is not the fun part, but the game itself.
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  • Learning Cocos2D: A Hands-On Guide to Building iOS Games with Cocos2D, Box2D, and Chipmunk
    Publisher: Addi..son-Wes..ley Professional | 2011 | 640 Pages | ISBN: 0321735625 | PDF | 15 Mb

    Build the Next Great iOS Game with Cocos2D!
    Cocos2D is the powerhouse framework behind some of the most popular games in the App Store. If you’ve played Tiny Wings, Angry Birds, Mega Jump, Trainyard, or even Super Turbo Action Pig, then you’ve played a game that uses Cocos2D or Box2D physics. The beauty of Cocos2D is its simplicity. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you start developing an iOS game, especially if you look at things like OpenGL ES, OpenAL, and other lower level APIs. Writing a game for the iPhone and iPad does not have to be that difficult, and Cocos2D makes game development fun and easy.
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  • Todd Kerpelman - Box2d Tutorials For Flash
    MPEG4 | English | 640x480 | 15.000 fps 88.3 kbps | 44.1 KHz stereo 54.8 kbps | 619 MB
    Genre: Eleaning

    Todd Kerpelman / Todd Kerpelman throughout the first chapter explains the basics of free physics engine Box2d programs in the language of ActionScript 3.0, the second chapter creates a puzzle game Peggles using this engine.
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