• Ecce Homo - Friedrich Nietzsche
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    Ecce homo, "behold the man", are the words Friedrich Nietzsche chose as the title for his literary self-portrait. A main purpose of the book was to offer Nietzsche's own perspective on his work as a philosopher and human being.
    Ecce Homo also forcefully repudiates those interpretations of his previous works purporting to find support there for imperialism, anti-Semitism, militarism, and Social Darwinism.
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  • Use of English B2: for all exams SB + TB
    MM Publications | 9789604439287 | PDF | 186 + 201 pages | 293.95 MB
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  • English | New Editions; 1 edition (September 1, 2005) | 99 pages | PDF | ISBN-10: 9604032607 | 342 MB

    Volume 1 contains 8 complete practice tests with extra material designed to provide students with the chance to continue building their competency in each of the areas tested on the exam. Each test is follwed by extra grammar and vocabulary practice. This pdf contains the Speaking tests w/o teacher’s notes unfortunately, writing tutorial, model compositions, extra practice tests,NO tapescript.
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