• Bottin - Punica Fides (2014)

    Bottin - Punica Fides (2014)
    Disco / Nu Disco | Bear Funk / Bottin
    320 kbps | MP3 | unmixed | 02 June, 2014 | 00:49:03 | 113 Mb
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  • FIDES EarthPressure 2012.177 | 28.4 Mb

    The conventional earth pressure computation according to EAB/EAU can result in unrealistic earth pressure for complicated geometries and in some special cases. The program FIDES-EarthPressure can compute the active/passive earth pressure with an extended Culmann method and/or a 2-body mechanism according to Gudehus.
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  • FIDES CantileverWall 2012.291 | 30 Mb

    FIDES-CantileverWall serves the clear calculation of angular cantilever walls with spurs in both sides and any number of consoles. Kinematic Element Mechanisms will be generated automatically in order to calculate the static parameters. In this way the program can take into account correctly concentrated loads, line loads and area loads as well as any number of slopes for example for the determination of the Earth Pressure. The results are displayed in a compact form directly within the side view of the wall in order to assure a maximum degree of transparency.
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