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  • TOPOGUN v2.0.13647 (MACOSX-XFORCE)
    TOPOGUN v2.0.13647 (MACOSX-XFORCE) | 158 MB

    TopoGun is a stand-alone resurfacing, and maps baking application. The resurfacing functions in TopoGun will help you modify and/or recreate the edgeflow of your digital 3D models. The maps baking functions, will help you bake various types of texture maps from your high resolution 3D models and then allow you to apply them to your newly created optimized meshes. These texture maps contain information that will help you recover the appearance and features of the original high resolution mesh.
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  • Apple OS X Server 4.1.3 Multilingual Retail

    Apple OS X Server 4.1.3 Multilingual Retail | MacOSX | 199 Mb

    Designed for OS X and iOS devices, OS X Server makes it easy to share files; schedule meetings; synchronise contacts; develop software; host your own website; publish wikis; configure Mac, iPhone and iPad devices; remotely access your network; and more.OS X Server is an application you can add to OS X Yosemite directly from the Mac App Store. Anyone can quickly and easily turn a Mac running OS X Yosemite into a server that’s perfect for home offices, businesses, schools, developers and hobbyists alike.
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  • AXYZ design Anima Premium v1.7.1
    MAC OSX | AXYZ design Anima Premium v1.7.1 | 273 MB

    an(i)ma is the fastest stand-alone crowd animation software in the archviz industry, developed especially for 3D artists, architects and designers for quickly and easily creating stunning 3D animated characters in less time. an(i)ma Premium gives you licenses for 5 individual users and unlimited network computers. an(i)ma Premium also entitles you to free support and software updates, and access to community forums and online resources.
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  • Marvelous Designer 4 v2.1.110
    MAC OS X | Marvelous Designer 4 v2.1.110 | 318 MB

    Create beautiful 3D virtual clothing with our cutting-edge design software, Marvelous Designer.Finally breathe life into your designs with tools that enhance quality while saving you time.From basic shirts to intricately pleated dresses and rugged uniforms,Marvelous Designer can virtually replicate fabric textures and physical properties to the last button, fold, and accessory. Our interactive design interface and versatile compatibility with other 3D software allows for instantaneous editing, draping, and precise simulation of garments onto 3D forms Marvelous Designer’s innovative pattern-based approach has already been adopted by top game studios such as EA Konami and can be seen on the big-screen in animation films including The Hobbit and The Adventures of Tin Tin, created by Weta Digital.
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  • Allegorthmic Substance Designer 4.4.0 Mac OSX
    Allegorthmic Substance Designer 4.4.0 Mac OSX | 189Mb

    CAD\CAM Substance Designer 4 is the first texturing tool to introduce a material layering workflow.
    Tired of messy layers ? Fit all you need in a few compact and handy nodes. Let Substance connect all the channels for you and focus on what really matters: your art.
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  • Patch iOS, OS X now: PDFs, JPEGs, URLs, web pages can pwn your kit
    Plus: iThings and desktops at risk of NEW SSL attack flaw

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  • Business Card Shop 5.0.2 Mac OSX

    Business Card Shop 5.0.2 Mac OSX | 303MB

    Make a great first impression — in business and life. Business Card Shop is the #1 best-selling business card software for Macintosh. It includes everything you need to start making a great first impression
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  • ClassicWeather HD 1.2.2 Multilingual Mac OSX

    ClassicWeather HD 1.2.2 Multilingual Mac OSX | 14MB
    Languages: English, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

    Mac version of the beloved iOS weather app ClassicWeather.
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  • Keynote Template Design 1.1 Retail Mac OSX

    Keynote Template Design 1.1 Retail Mac OSX | 199MB

    Endearing keynote template, it is a useful tool. Whether you are working, studying, or entertainment, celebration, this product will bring you convenience and happiness. This product now includes 50 sets of templates for your convenience, we will be constantly updated in late and perfection. Stay tuned.
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  • Best Internet Links

    45 Anonymous 23.11.2014
  • xScan 3.2.12 Multilingual Retail Mac OSX

    xScan 3.2.12 Multilingual Retail Mac OSX | 20MB

    The most essential utility to scan your Mac. xScan has been specifically designed to help you monitor the behavior and health of your Mac in a simple and straightforward manner. This is done in real time. No more needing to go ‘beneath the hood’ to find out all those technical details that could be affecting your system. We’ve done all the work for you!
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  • JetBrains WebStorm 7.0.2 Mac OSX

    JetBrains WebStorm 7.0.2 Mac OSX | 103MB

    JetBrains WebStorm - the program is a tool for developing web-sites and edit HTML, CSS and javascript code. The solution provides fast navigation through files and generates notifications on emerging issues in the code in real time. JetBrains WebStorm allows you to add HTML-markup documents or items directly to SQL javascript. JetBrains WebStorm deploys and synchronization projects through the FTP protocol.
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  • A Better Finder Attributes 5.25 Mac OSX

    A Better Finder Attributes 5.25 Mac OSX | 6MB

    A Better Finder Attributes 5 is the ultimate file tweaking tool for Mac OS X. A Better Finder Attributes 5 combines photo shooting date and file date changing along with a few unique tricks of its own. A Better Finder Attributes 5 allows you to manipulate JPEG, CR2, CRW & CIFF EXIF timestamps at will by setting them to specific times or batch adjusting them by adding and removing time (useful for correcting the timestamps of images taken with a digital camera with a incorrectly set clock and to compensate for timezone changes).
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  • IconBox 2.6.0 Mac OSX

    IconBox 2.6.0 Mac OSX | 145MB

    IconBox is a helpful organizational tool for Macs. When the first version of IconBox was released 8 years ago, it was the first Icon Organizer running on Mac OS X, allowing users to conveniently organize their collection of icons in an iPhoto-like way. With version 2.5, IconBox has been completely rewritten and features a brand new interface.
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  • Living Weather HD 2.6.1 Retail | MacOSX

    Living Weather HD 2.6.1 Retail Mac OSX | 486MB

    Bring the weather to life right on your desktop! Living Weather HD is a weather app like no other. It not only gives you the current weather conditions and forecast, but also puts beautiful videos matching the conditions on your desktop and an optional screensaver.
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  • Coda 2.0.12 + iCloud Mac OSX

    Coda 2.0.12 + iCloud Mac OSX | 50MB

    A fresh approach to web code. Bursting with features but without bloat. Built to make your life better: Coda 2 is the editor you've always wanted.
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