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  • LuaStudio 9.3.3 Portable
    LuaStudio 9.3.3 Portable|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|36.5 mb

    LuaStudio is aprofessional development environment for debugging Lua script in your applications. It's familiar and fast and you'll wonder how you ever worked without it.
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  • Softany WordToHelp 3.106 Portable
    Softany WordToHelp 3.106 Portable|All Windows(x32/x64) |rar|14.5 mb

    Softany WordToHelp is an extremely easy-to-use help authoring tool.
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  • Portable Hex Workshop Hex Editor Professional
    Portable Hex Workshop Hex Editor Professional|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|32 mb

    Hex Workshop - a set of hexadecimal tools for operating systems Windows, combines editing binary files, simplicity and flexibility of a word processor.
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  • Portable White Brothers Outline 4D
    Portable White Brothers Outline 4D|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|55.5 mb

    Outline 4D gives you the most powerful way to outline, plan, and present your ideas! It is a remarkable outlining program that lets you brainstorm, create, structure and organize your ideas. In addition to a traditional vertical outline format, Outline 4D has a horizontal timeline format that is vastly superior to index cards, blocks, and traditional outlining systems.
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  • Portable PowerGREP 4.7.0
    Portable PowerGREP 4.7.0|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|34.7 mb

    PowerGREP is a powerful Windows grep tool. Quickly search through large numbers of files on your PC or network, including text and binary files, compressed archives, MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, OpenOffice files, etc. Find the information you want with powerful text patterns (regular expressions) specifying the form of what you want, instead of literal text. Search and replace with one or many regular expressions to comprehensively maintain web sites, source code, reports, etc. Extract statistics and knowledge from logs files and large data sets.
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  • Portable EmEditor Free 15.3.1
    Portable EmEditor Free 15.3.1|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|8.46 mb

    EmEditor - free version of the powerful text editor for programmers, Web developers and ordinary users with the illumination of syntax and Unicode support.
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  • Portable Golden Software Strater 4.6.1700
    Portable Golden Software Strater 4.6.1700|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|125 mb

    Strater displays your raw data as borehole and well logs, maps and cross sections.
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  • Portable Golden Software Grapher 11.4.770 Full
    Portable Golden Software Grapher 11.7.825 Full|All Windows(x32/x64) |rar|148 mb

    Grapher is the only graphing program you will ever need. Create powerful stunning graphs quickly and efficiently. Ideal for scientists, engineers, and business professionals.
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  • Portable Chief Architect Premier X7
    Portable Chief Architect Premier X7|All Windows(x86/x64) |rar|128\130 mb

    Professional Home Design Software - For all aspects of residential and light commercial design. As you draw walls and place smart architectural objects like doors and windows, the program creates a 3D model, generates a Materials List, and with the use of powerful building tools, helps produce Construction Documents with Site Plans, Framing Plans, Section Details, and Elevations.
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  • Portable ShaderMap Pro 3.0.5
    Portable ShaderMap Pro 3.0.5|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|79 mb

    ShaderMap creates and converts rendering textures to different formats. It can also bake maps from 3D models. Easily tweak settings and preview changes in real-time.
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  • Portable PDF Annotator
    Portable PDF Annotator|Windows(x32/x64)|rar|38.5 mb

    PDF Annotator lets the user open any PDF file and add annotations, using the mouse or a Tablet PC pen, directly on the PDF file's pages. The annotated documents can then be saved directly back to PDF format. In this way, anyone can read or print the annotated PDF documents. Annotated documents can also be easily attached to emails.
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  • Portable Sparkol VideoScribe 2.3.0
    Portable Sparkol VideoScribe 2.3.0|All Windows(x32/x64) |rar|51.6 mb

    VideoScribe is a unique way to create engaging animated videos quickly and easily. You are empowered to bring impact to your message without technical or design knowledge. You can create amazing marketing videos, instructional talks, add a visual to your talk or story, bring illustrations to life, show text, logos or photos and keep any audience captivated.
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  • Portable CoolUtils Total HTML Converter 4.1.60
    Portable CoolUtils Total HTML Converter 4.1.60|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|57.2 mb

    Total HTML Converter is a professional grade solution for converting HTML files into PDF, DOC, XLS, XHTML, JPEG, TIFF, TXT, RTF, EMF, SVG, ODT (new!) in batch. When you need to turn thousands of HTML pages into different formats, the Total HTML Converter has everything you need to do the job right. When you use the Total HTML Converter, a variety of additional settings assist you in creating the perfect output files:
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  • Portable ZWCAD Plus 2015 SP3
    Portable ZWCAD Plus 2015 SP3|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|92 mb

    ZWCAD Design Plus 2015.08.15 SP3 Build 27483, an innovative supplier of CAD solutions for the MCAD and AEC industries, announced the release of ZWCAD+ 2015 SP3, another updated version to its flagship product in 2015 featuring with new feature like 3D Clip and many other enhancements and fixed bugs. The availability of new ZWCAD+ 2015 SP3 will largely speed up the design process as well as guarantee design stability.
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  • Portable Master PDF Editor 3.1.60
    Portable Master PDF Editor 3.4.03|Windows(x32/x64)|rar|25.8 mb

    Master PDF Editor is complete solution for creation and editing PDF and XPS files.
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