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  • Far Cry 4 - PRIMA Game Guide

    Far Cry 4 - PRIMA Game Guide
    Publisher: Prima Pub | Pdf | English | 288 pages | 151.3 Mb
    Platform : PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

    The PRIMA guide to complete the game 100%
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  • Wolfenstein The New Order PS3-COLLATERAL

    Wolfenstein The New Order PS3-COLLATERAL
    Release: 13 May 2014
    Genre: FPS
    Developer: Machine Games
    Publisher:Bethesda Softworks
    Language: English
    Size: 15.75GB

    Wolfenstein®: The New Order™ reignites the series that created the first-person shooter genre. The year is 1960 and the Nazi’s have won World War II. War hero B.J. Blazkowicz must launch an impossible counter-offensive against the monstrous Nazi regime that has conquered the globe..
    Europe, 1960. The Nazis turned the tide of the war using a new kind of mysterious, advanced technology. Using unrelenting force and intimidation, they have brought even the most powerful of nations to their knees. The Nazi regime now rules the globe with an iron fist. Play as the one man who dares go up against the world’s most formidable military. You are B.J. Blazkowicz, the American war hero. You are the only man capable of rewriting history.
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  • Short Peace Ranko Tsukigimes Longest Day PS3-ACCiDENT

    Release Title: Short.Peace.Ranko.Tsukigimes.Longest.Day.PS3-ACCiDENT
    Release: 16 th April, 2014 by ACCiDENT
    Genre: Platformer
    Developer: Crispy's!, Grasshopper Manufacture
    Language: English
    Size: 18.47 GB

    Ranko Tsukigime, the only child of the underground "Tsukigime Enterprise" is an average high school girl by day and a deadly assassin by night. While taking on a new mission, an enemy organization threatens the lives of Ranko and her friends. This 2D fast-paced side-scrolling action game will draw players deeper into the schoolgirl/assassin's thrilling life, and serves as a video game tie-in to Katsuhiro Otomo's four-part anime compilation film project, SHORT PEACE. POSSESSIONS, GAMBO, A Farewell to Weapons and COMBUSTIBLE are joined by the fifth and final part of the project; Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day. Players will put their reflexes and quick judgment to the test in fast-paced platforming gameplay that will have them blazing through dangerous, obstacle-ridden environments to flee from an ominous enemy looming close behind.
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  • MLB 14 The Show PS3-iMARS

    MLB 14 The Show PS3-iMARS
    Release: 28 March 2014
    Genre: Sports
    Size: 21GB

    Swing for the fences in MLB 14: The Show, the 2014 baseball game from Sony Computer Entertainment.
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  • The Last of Us: Left Behind REPACK DLC PS3-DUPLEX

    The Last of Us Left Behind REPACK DLC PS3-DUPLEX

    Size: ........ 5.20 GB
    Genre: ........ Action
    Platform: ........ PS3
    Publisher: ........ Sony Computer Entertainment
    Developer: ........ Naughty Dog Software
    Release Date: ........ February 14, 2014

    Ellie returns as new light is shed on her relationship with Riley, her best friend from the military boarding school they both grew up in. After inexplicably disappearing for weeks, Riley reemerges in Ellie's life with a surprising revelation. The two sneak out of their school for the last time, leading to a series of events that will forever change both of their lives.
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    Size:........ 2.49 GB
    Genre:........ Racing
    Region:........ FREE
    Publisher:........ Deep Silver
    Developer:........ Eutechnyx
    Release Date:........ Q1 2014

    It's your turn to immerse yourself in the full-throttle thrill of the world's most exciting motor sports racing series in NASCAR '14. Take the wheel from your favorite driver and participate in the race week experience complete with practice, qualifying, and race day challenges. With your favorite personalities and live replay, NASCAR '14 is the authentic NASCAR experience for fans.
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  •  Call of Duty: Ghosts

    Title: Call of Duty: Ghosts
    Retail Date: 05/11/13
    Platform: PS3
    Region: RF
    Genre: Shooter
    Size: 10,76 GB (3% repair) UL

    Call of Duty: Ghosts delivers a riveting all-new gameplay experience built on an entirely new story, setting and cast of characters, all powered by a new, next generation Call of Duty engine that redefines the series for the next generation.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 PS3 EUR-iND
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 PS3 EUR-iND
    PS3 Game | Publisher: Konami | Developer: Konami | CFW 4.46 | 7.2 GB
    Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Portuguese
    Genre: Sport | Release Date: 19 September, 2013

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 marks a new beginning for Konami's blockbuster soccer series, with an all-new engine allowing for every aspect of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 to be totally reworked to produce a game much closer to the excitement and variety of a top-level match.
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  • Grand Theft Auto V PS3-DUPLEX
    Grand Theft Auto V PS3-DUPLEX
    Publisher: Rockstar Games
    Developer: Rockstar North
    Genre: Third-Person Action
    Release Date: 17/09/2013
    Language: Eng
    Size: 16.14 GB

    Trouble taps on your window again with this next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto universe, set in the city of Los Santos and its surrounding hills, countryside and beaches. A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California.
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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 PS3-DUPLEX
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 PS3-DUPLEX
    Publisher: Konami
    Developer: Konami
    Genre: Sports
    Release Date: 24/09/2013
    Language: Eng
    Size: 6.15 GB

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 marks a new beginning for Konami\’s blockbuster soccer series, with an all-new engine allowing for every aspect of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 to be totally reworked to produce a game much closer to the excitement and variety of a top-level match. The central theme of fluidity is based on the constant moving of players and switching positions which mirrors the modern approach to football.
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    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Developer: Electronic Arts.
    Genre: Sport
    Release Date: 10.06.2013
    Language: Eng
    Size: 6.640 GB

    Unlock the highest level of hockey aggression, speed and skill. NHL 14 brings together the best technology from EA SPORTS to deliver the most authentic hockey experience ever. Deliver hits with the cutting-edge NHL Collision Physics, built from FIFA’s revolutionary Player Impact Engine. Drop the gloves with the new Enforcer Engine, powered by EA SPORTS Fight Night technology. Dangle defenders with new One-Touch Dekes and experience a new level of speed and control with the second season of critically-acclaimed True Performance Skating. Huge hits, real fights, and unbelievable speed and skill. This is NHL hockey at its greatest, powered by a generation of EA SPORTS innovation.
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    Region: FREE
    Publisher: MileStone Inc.
    Developer: MileStone Inc.
    Genre: Racing
    Release Date: 17.06.2013
    Language: Eng
    Size: 10.0 GB
    Mirrors: RapidGator-Letitbit-Shareflare

    The popular racing franchise is back! Speed. Emotion. Skill. These essential elements mixed with an adrenaline-fuelled experience immerse you into the world of MotoGP like never before. With genre-leading graphics, MotoGP 2013 will bring players into the 2013 championship through the eyes of a real MotoGP rider. MotoGP 13 features a career mode, online multiplayer, and full use of the MotoGP license, including the new Moto2 and Moto3 classes. The game includes all the official tracks and riders of the 2013 MotoGP season. Utilizing a brand new game engine buily from the ground up, MotoGP 2013 brings a whole new level of realism to elements such as graphics, physics, bikes, environments and in-game sound.
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  • 50 Cent Blood On The Sand (PS3)

    50 Cent - Blood on the Sand (PS3)
    Size: 5.39 GB
    Region: USA
    System: PS3
    Publisher: THQ
    Genre: Action
    Language: English
    Developer: Swordfish Studios
    Release date: Feb 24, 2009
    Also Available on: Xbox 360
    Number of Players: 1-2 Players
    ESRB Rated: M (Blood, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes)
    Mirrors: RapidGator-Extabit-Shareflare

    After performing a sold-out concert in a fictional war-torn country, 50 Cent and the G-Unit are robbed of their cash and paid in kind with a priceless diamond encrusted skull, which is subsequently stolen by the local crime-lord’s gang. Determined to collect his payment and enact revenge on the gangsters foolish enough to disrespect him, 50 Cent sets out to get rich or die trying.
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  • Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 PS3-DUPLEX
    Release : 12 March 2013, By DUPLEX
    Publisher: City Interactive
    Developer: City Interactive
    Genre: FPS
    Size: 3.24 GB

    Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is military style First-Person Shooter (FPS) that specializes in sniper activity. The game is a follow-up to the original Sniper: Ghost Warrior release in 2010, and features sniping action set in three different terrain types: urban, jungle, and mountain. Features include an in-game spotter, differing sniping tactics, customizable play options that include levels of ballistics, a knife for silent stealth kills, heat and night vision goggles, intelligence and sniping missions, a bullet cam, a visibility meter on the mini map for keeping tabs on your enemies’ view of you, and competitive multiplayer support.
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  • Ghost Warrior 2 PS3-PSCLUB
    Release : 6 March 2013, By PSCLUB
    Genre: First-Person Shooter
    Publisher: City Interactive
    Developer: City Interactive
    Size: 3.32 GB

    Takes the bulls-eye precision of its best-selling predecessor to new and exciting heights. Powered by CryEngine 3 technology, the missions of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 are graphically stunning and more challenging as you once again step into the ghillie suit of a special ops sniper to take down the enemy.
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