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  • Password Depot Professional 7.6.5
    Password Depot Professional 7.6.5 | 32 Mb

    Password Depot is a powerful and user-friendly password manager which helps to manage all your passwords as well as, for example, credit card data, confidential information, documents and software licenses.
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  • Vibosoft PDF Password Remover 2.1.10

    Vibosoft PDF Password Remover 2.1.10 | 10.12 MB

    Remove & Bypass A PDF Security for Copying, Editing & Printing. Adobe PDF is an ideal file format to protect author's copyright and authority due to its user and owner password. You may have deal with all kinds of electronic files in the daily life. Thus in order to protect these vital information, you may have set different password for different documents and one day you may find that you have confused by these different password, and you can't open the file while you're in urgent. Therefore, Vibosoft PDF Password remover helps decrypt all the restrictions of your PDF files.
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  •  Browser Password Dump 3.5 Final + portable
    Browser Password Dump 3.5 Final + portable | 1.3 Mb

    Browser Password Dump is a useful command-line tool to instantly recover your lost password from all the popular web browsers.
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  • Password Door 9.0.1

    Password Door 9.0.1 | 1.10 MB

    If you wish to protect certain installed applications and you're looking for an app to do that for you, chances are that Password Door is one the best choices in this regard. The program has been developed with a single goal in mind: protect specific executable files from being launched on a Windows workstation according to user settings. The interface, which can be easily customized by changing the color scheme, allows you to quickly protect a program, deactivate protection or simply view and manage protected apps. If you don't wish to spend too much time with advanced settings, Password Door requires just a few clicks to protect a new application. It automatically detects installed programs but in case the one you wish to lock doesn't appear in the list, there's always the option to drag and drop the executable in the main window.
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  • Winrar Password Remover & Unlocker 1.4.0 Final + portable
    Winrar Password Remover & Unlocker 1.4.0 Final + portable | 14.1 Mb

    Forgot the password of your Winrar? Or u don't know it?
    Winrar Password Remover is a powerful tool to recover lost (forgotten) passwords for a RAR/WinRar archives. The program Support Alphabetic character and Numeric character support.
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  • Leakage Resilient Password Systems

    Leakage Resilient Password Systems
    Springer | Computer Science | April 23 2015 | ISBN-10: 3319175025 | 64 pages | pdf | 2.53 mb
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  • Password Cracker 4.11 portable
    Password Cracker 4.11 portable | 1.3 Mb

    The tool for restoring forgotten passwords (also on Internet Explorer). A simple software that was created to ensure that you never worry about misplacing or forgetting passwords. Tool for restoring forgotten passwords (also in Internet Explorer). So using this application, you will no longer have to panic when you lose any of your passwords.
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  • MTop HTML Password Lock 5.6

    MTop HTML Password Lock 5.6 Final | 1.24 Mb

    HTML Password Lock - a program for those who want to restrict access to pages or entire site with a password. Page access will be allowed only if the correct password. Supports 2 types of authentication: a password or using your login and password. In addition, HTML Password Lock allows you to block using the right mouse button on your pages, as well as highlighting and copying pieces of text.
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  •  Password Security Scanner 1.33 Final + portable
    Password Security Scanner 1.33 Final + portable | 1.2 Mb

    This utility scans the passwords stored by popular Windows applications (Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and more...) and displays security information about all these passwords. The security information of every stored password includes the total number of characters, number of numeric characters, number of lowercase/uppercase characters, number of repeating characters, and password strength. You can use this tool to determine whether the passwords used by other users are secured enough, without watching the passwords themselves.
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  • Best Internet Links

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  •  LastPass Password Manager 3.1.95 Final
    LastPass Password Manager 3.1.95 Final | 26.3 Mb

    LastPass is an online password manager that automatically fills in saved logins and forms with the click of a button. This handy little Web freeware and browser plug-in also syncs your data to any computer you use regularly. With LastPass you won't need to remember passwords anymore. You can easily log into your websites with a single click of your mouse. You can set up multiple 'profiles' and automatically fill your personal information into web forms accurately and safely. It protects against identity theft by keeping sensitive data encrypted on your PC. Your LastPass vault isn't limited to only securely storing usernames and passwords, any confidential text data can be placed in your vault for safe keeping.
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  • SuperEasy Password Manager Pro

    SuperEasy Password Manager Pro | 32.15 MB
    NFR License (Not For Resale)

    Strong passwords are paramount to security. What identity cards do in real life, passwords do on the Internet. According to experts, secure passwords should therefore contain at least 8 or 10 or even better 11 characters and consist of upper- and lowercase letters, digits and special characters that make no sense overall. Terms found in dictionaries or common names are unsuitable as passwords. Furthermore, each account should have its own password that should not be stored in the browser. Since such passwords are intrinsically hard to remember, SuperEasy Password Manager is the ideal solution.
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  •  Browser Password Remover 2.1 Portable
    Browser Password Remover 2.1 Portable | 7.6 Mb

    Browser Password Remover is a useful tool to quickly display and remove all the stored website login passwords from popular browsers. Most of the web browsers allow users to remember passwords and stores them into local database file. This file and all the stored passwords within it can be accessed by any one logged into the system. This is very risky especially on shared computers as well as on public systems such as in internet cafe.
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  •  IDM Password Decryptor 3.5 Portable
    IDM Password Decryptor 3.5 Portable | 7.7 Mb

    IDM Password Decryptor is a useful tool to instantly recover premium account passwords from Internet Download Manager (IDM). IDM is popular downloader software that simplifies and automates downloading file from many shareware and premium download sites such as, Megaupload etc. IDMPasswordDecryptor helps in quickly recovering all these stored premium account passwords from IDM database.
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  •  Instant PDF Password Protector 2.0 Final + Portable
    Instant PDF Password Protector 2.0 Final + Portable | 4.2 Mb

    Instant PDF Password Protector is a useful tool to quickly Password Protect PDF file on your system.With a click of button, you can lock or protect any of your sensitive/private PDF documents. You can also use any of the standard Encryption methods - RC4/AES (40-bit, 128-bit, 256-bit) based upon the desired security level.
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  • Sticky Password Multilingual

    Sticky Password Multilingual | 22.7 MB

    Sticky Password completes even the longest forms for you - automatically. No need to register every time you shop or download – once you’ve stored your information in the password manager, you can recall it instantly on any device whenever you need it.
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