• Total Commander Podarok Edition Extreme Pack 27 2012 Portable | 1.88GB

    Total Commander Podarok Edition Extreme Pack V.27 - fancy Total Commander. Shell 8.0 final. Works without installation, ie, free from flash drives free. Six icons in the upper left corner of the panel responsible for switching to programs, and utilities. A second click on the first icon in the transforms Commanderie PowerUser, the second button in the IT, the third in kIT, the fourth in the assembly from SamLab. Customize the program by removing unnecessary Programm folder and do not forget to remove the icons in the Thoth. Size is even smaller and more programs ....
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  • Total Commander Podarok Edition v 7.56a | 341.0 Mb

    Build Podarok Edition helps facilitate the work of system administrator or advanced user most needed in their daily work programs together in one package. Helps to quickly set up Windows after installation, saving time for the installation of more than fifty programs. Allows you to always have on hand for the entire package of FLASH card needed programs without having to install them on your workstation!
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  • Total Commander Podarok Edition Extreme Pack 25.3+ (2010) | 1.84 GB

    Total Commander Podarok Edition - is a collection of portable versions of programs, utilities and plugins, built-in shell Total Commander. It is possible to set up and remove unwanted programs. Assembling calculated and tested on Windows xr, but can also be used on earlier versions of the system.
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  • Total Commander Podarok UZEF Pack 7.50b (2009) | 1.4 GB

    Total Commander Podarok UZEF Pack - a collection of programs that are embedded in the shell Total Commander 7.50b. Updated firmware and plug-ins, anti-virus and Anti-Spyware with fresh database. Everything works without installation: just install on USB flash drive and use both conventional programs.
    Year: 2009
    Platform: Portable
    Language: English + Russian
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