• AgiliaLinux 8.1.0 Final 2012 x86_64/x86 (RUS/ENG/UKR) | 2.93 GB/3.02 GB

    On the night of 7 to 8 October 2012 was officially released AgiliaLinux 8.1.0 Final - a freely available operating system, the distribution of the operating system Linux. Developed community MOPSLinux after the withdrawal of support distribution of scientific and production association "Network", with rights to MOPSLinux. Progenitor AgiliaLinux is Slackware Linux - the oldest of the still developing distributions. The main difference from the progenitor AgiliaLinux - focus on "izkorobochnost" and simple "cold start" - in other words, a low barrier to entry.
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  • Linux Mint 12 RC 2xDVD (i386 + x86_64) | 2x1GB

    Linux Mint - distribution of Linux. The purpose of the distribution is to provide the end user as a simple system that will be ready for use immediately after installation and does not require a download most popular software, including additional codecs to play popular multimedia formats ...
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  • Ubuntu Studio 11.04 Alternate 2xDVD [i386 + x86_64] | 1.47 & 1.54 GB

    Ubuntu Studio is a multimedia project of Ubuntu . The latest release of Ubuntu Studio 11.04 Natty Narwhal has an image in the 1,5 GB, which comes with many improvements. In general, Ubuntu Studio is aimed at creative people, not to zamorachevatsya finding and installing the software for their activities.
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  • Fedora 15 i686/x86_64 (2xLiveCD) | 1.12 GB

    Formally presented to release Linux-Distribution Fedora 15. Of the key improvements Fedora 15 You can mark the transition to the system manager systemd, Change the names of network interfaces, integration of desktop environment GNOME 3 with obolochnoy GNOME Shell, Assembling packets using GCC 4.6, Use Linux-kernel 2.6.1938, Adding the implementation of a dynamic firewall that involvement by default DNSSEC and a move to the directory "/ run" instead of "/ var / run".
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